2018 International Corporate Health Trends Report: Eight Health Trends

The pace of technology development is accelerating, and it is changing the way healthcare is delivered and consumed. This is putting new pressures on organizations to innovate (i.e., tele-assistance and mobile health).

A “Global Culture of Health” is a concept with momentum within many international organizations, leading to changes in how employees live and work. 

Non-communicable diseases continue to be a high priority in both developed destinations as well as emerging markets.

Ebola, Zika, and other global health security incidents have highlighted the need for better enterprise business continuity and public health preparedness plans, so  organizations are stepping up to prepare for the next incident.

Mental illness has become a prominent and clearly identified concern, so organizations are focusing on the psychological health of their mobile employees.

Local occupational health regulations continue to evolve, and organizations are continually adapting to meet the evolving requirements.

Global demographics are changing, and the younger employee—the millennial—has different needs and health challenges that organizations are now realizing.

More effective support for the health and safety of LGBT mobile employees has become a priority for many multinational companies.