Eight Global Predictions

2018 International Corporate Health Trends Report: Eight Health Trends

The Council, based on its review of the current literature, recent survey results, and its collective expert opinions, has put together a list of predictions that will likely impact the mobile workforce of the near future.

International travel will continue to increase despite natural (i.e., weather) and man-made (i.e., terrorism) threats to a ("fearless”) mobile workforce. 

Traveler health and safety will become an important key performance indicator (KPI) for any global organization—surpassing travel expenses and traveler satisfaction.

Technology, in response to the ever-increasing need for immediate feedback, will evolve at such a rate that handheld devices accessing “big data” will become the "go-to" source of intelligence.

Requests for more flexible work/life arrangements (e.g., annual leave, sabbaticals, “right to disconnect”) will be commonplace as the new business traveler focuses on “body, mind, and spirit.”

Shared economy and other new transportation and accommodation business services will continue to evolve, exposing new foreseeable risks, thus increasing the challenge employers will face in providing effective health and safety support in the spirit of their duty of care.

Diversity in the workforce, particularly at the senior management level, will grow exponentially to include other poorly represented populations, including members of the LGBT community.

“Climate change” will continue to impact geographies, and with it the health of those employees traveling to and living there. Businesses will need to adapt and react efficiently to support personnel at multiple locations simultaneously.

There will likely be another significant infectious disease outbreak soon, further reinforcing the need for corporate medical resources and global expertise, as well as demonstrating the critical value of effective business continuity plans.