2022 Trend Report

Recalibrated Health & Safety Best Practices for your Mobile and
Domestic Workforces

International Corporate Health Trends

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Like our previous reports – Corporate Health Trends 2014/2018 (ichlc.org)  – this report, with an eye on the future, assesses the current literature and reviews corporate polling results to provide management with recommendations to best protect and support an organization’s mobile (and domestic) workforce.  In this report, the Council, after surveying its own membership, evaluated third party global corporate survey results from (1) IPSOS (1,218 respondents across 108 countries) and (2) the Business Group on Health. The editors reviewed recent literature, and canvassed the leading experts to document what they believe to be the most relevant global health trends for 2022 and beyond.  In the 2014 report, the Council had identified 5 health trends and 10 recommended actions that best protect the globally mobile workforce.  In the 2018 report, the Council identified 8 new health trends and modified the 10 recommended actions to reflect these new trends.  In this 2022 report, the Council identifies 10 new health trends and the corresponding 10 recommended actions to reflect these new trends.

The purpose of this report is three-fold: 

  • Evaluate and document the global health trends with an eye on the future and the real and potential impact of these trends on employee health
  • Provide expert guidance to corporate management regarding the benchmark standards and best practices to mitigate against the impact of those negative trend
  • Offer future predictions for global health trends

Why these recommendations matter:

In this 2022 report, we highlight new and evolving trends and their increased importance.  Over the last four years, demographics have changed and so have employee health needs.  Global health threats continue to impact global security.  Technology advancements have influenced delivery of care and how we communicate.  Country occupational health requirements are evolving, and healthcare delivery is changing around the world.