About Us

The International Corporate Health Leadership Council (the Council) is a non-profit 501(c)(6) foundation whose objective is to drive standards and policies that result in reducing risk and improving the delivery of healthcare to international business travelers, expatriates (and their families) and employees in emerging markets, wherever they may live or work. Made up of the most senior leadership in corporate health - medical directors, corporate executives, thought leaders, and researchers - the Council produces periodic reviews of the latest health trends relevant to global enterprises. In addition, the Council provides key recommendations so that appropriate standards are benchmarked and best practices are identified and shared with those who make or influence policy decisions concerning the protection and preservation of human capital.



The Council is a forum where leaders in corporate health and medical services, including physicians, corporate executives, thought leaders, researchers and other stakeholders, can assemble, exchange ideas and issue reports that will drive standards and policies leading to reduced risk and improvements in the delivery of health services to international business travelers, expatriates (and their families) and employees (in emerging environments) wherever they may live or work.


The Council focuses on promoting the highest professional standards in international corporate health and advocating for those corporations and health practitioners engaged in achieving excellence in the care of a globally diverse workforce. By facilitating primary research, the Council intends to advance the international corporate health field and educate policymakers, when appropriate, regarding the positive contributions of corporations to the health and safety of employees traveling and living abroad. On a yearly basis, the Council publishes a detailed report that qualifies, benchmarks and promotes the best science and practices in international corporate health.


The Council’s goal is to provide a first-of-its kind forum wherein corporate medical directors and other influential members can collaborate to develop a unified voice and platform, along with a strong business case to support their objectives that keeps employees (and their accompanying dependents) healthy, safe and secure while outside their home countries. By doing so, multi-national corporations around the world can build, adapt or change their global health initiatives to meet or exceed standards recognized by the Council. In addition, Council members can share best practices and insights among peers, thus offering an opportunity for professional growth.